We have a ? for you. Have YOU ever wondered what happens to YOU when you die? YOU could very well die right now or tonight.
                                                           Do you know where you are going to spend the rest of ETERNITY?
                                      We made this site with the inspiration, help & guidance from my LORD & Saviour: JESUS CHRIST. 
                                                On this site We hope & pray
you will listen to God, as HE tells you, how to obtain...
                                              On the image here, it tells
you how to get saved & not go to hell forever but go to heaven!^_^
                                right click on the image & select view image or something similar to make it bigger so
you can read it better.
          That image that you see tells you how to get saved aka not die & go to hell & suffer for all everlasting eternity but go to heaven & bask in
                                          eternal & everlasting peace & happiness with Our LORD & SAVIOUR: JESUS CHRIST!
                                                                    All you have to do to go to heaven is 1st: believe that...

1: Jesus Christ was born of a virgin as a human being(a man) & was/is the Son of the 1 & only, true, living God.
2: That He came, was born, lived & died on the cross for
your sins & all of mankinds sins. you accept that your a sinner.
3: That He was buried in a tomb for 3 days & rose from the grave on the 3rd day.
4: That He was/is risen, is ALIVE & is gonna come back to take us (believers) home.

                                                                          That's it. That's all
you have to do!^_^
                         Just believe those things & ask Jesus to forgive
you of all of your sins, that your sorry & you want to be saved
                                          & ask him to save
you & come into your heart. That is all you have to do!^_^ Simple right?
 Here is a little prayer for
you to help you in case you dont know exactly what to pray:

Lord, i know that you are God,
& i know that you Jesus, are the Son of God.
I believe & accept that
you were born,lived & died on the cross for my sins.
I believe & accept
that you were buried & rose from the grave on the 3rd day
I'm sorry for all my sins that i've done.
Please forgive me & save me from hell.

Now for those of
you who are skeptic. Who believe there is no God. That there is no hell nor Heaven, Angels nor demons, God nor the devil. just ask yourselves..what if? what if YOU are wrong. what if there REALLY IS a HEAVEN & HELL? ANGELS & DEMONS? GOD & SATAN? just..what if?
i mean just ask yourself this...."What if this guy is telling the truth? i mean if i just believe for a minute that all this is the real thing, & that i'm REALLY going to hell...what have i to lose even if i just believe it for 1 minute & do it? i mean, at least i'd know right? that i AM going to heaven & NOT hell? ...right?"

...Yes. Just think about it for a minute. What have YOU to lose? the answer...nothing. You have nothing to lose...but your eternal soul & where you are going to spend the rest of eternity..... So? How about it? Will you ask Jesus to save you today? He loves you. He wants you with
Him in Heaven.
He doesn't want you to go hell hell forever & i don't think you do either. Thats why He died for you. Just because....He Loves you.
                                                                                        Ask Him? Will you...for you?

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